Fr. Sep 29th, 2023

• Old wallets have recently been activated, sparking fears of a large-scale hack targeting Bitcoin veterans.
• Coinbase has taken action against the SEC in search of clarity on crypto regulations.
• The US DOJ has charged a North Korean bank official with being involved in two crypto laundering conspiracies.

Old Wallets Activate – Sparking Fears of Hack Targeting Bitcoin Veterans

Recent activity from old wallets has sparked fear among Bitcoin veterans that a mass hack could be underway. This fear was further propelled by the lack of any explanation for the sudden surge in activity, as well as reports that some funds had been moved illegally.

Coinbase Files Action Against SEC Seeking Clarity on Crypto Regulations

In response to the confusion surrounding applicable regulations, Coinbase has filed an action against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company is seeking greater clarity on how digital assets should be classified, as well as which laws apply to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets held or traded by Coinbase users.

US DOJ Charges North Korean Bank Official Involved in Crypto Laundering Conspiracies

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged an official from a North Korean bank with involvement in two crypto laundering conspiracies. The official allegedly used cryptocurrency exchanges to launder over $250 million dollars for North Korea’s government and its leaders.

Visa Hiring Crypto Engineer Focused on AI-Written Smart Contracts

In another sign of mainstream adoption, Visa is hiring a cryptocurrency engineer who will focus on developing AI-written smart contracts for use across their services. This move signals Visa’s commitment to exploring blockchain technology more broadly and staying ahead of emerging trends in the space.

Ordinals Finance Carries Out $1M Exit Scam

In what appears to be an exit scam, Ordinals Finance reportedly raised nearly $1 million before disappearing without warning earlier this week. Investors have since complained about not being able to access their funds or contact anyone associated with the project.

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