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Massena Police Department

Chief of Police: Timmy J. Currier
Address: Town Hall, 60 Main Street, Massena NY 13662
Phone Number (non-emergency): 315-769-3577
Fax: 315-769-2735
Emergencies: 911

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How do I...

Report a crime?
Obtain a police report or record? 
Claim property being held?  
Complain about or commend an officer?  
Pay a parking ticket fine?
Get a handicapped parking permit? 
Get fingerprinted for an application? 
Make an animal complaint? 
Get a guest speaker from the department? 
Get a copy of my criminal history?
Get a traffic ticket reduction?
Handle a Bad Check?



The principal mission of the Massena Police Department is to preserve the rights of all its citizens, the prevention of crime, protection of persons,
property, maintenance of public order, and to respond to events that threaten public order and the protection of life and property.

The Village of Massena created the Police Department by law in 1888 and the first Constable was appointed in 1894.



Chief's Message:

Tim Currier

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the official website of the Massena Department. This web page is designed to provide you with useful information about our department and its employees.

My staff and I are committed to providing the residents and visitors to this community with a safe environment in which to live and visit.While responding to and preventing crime, and enforcing the laws are essential to providing a safe working, learning and living environment, policing is as much about education as it is enforcement.We offer a variety of programs that support our dedication to working closely with our community.

We fully recognize that our profession demands and deserves the highest possible ethical standards and behavior from our employees and our personnel are committed to this standard.

The men and women of Massena Police Department are committed to serving our community with integrity, sensitivity and professionalism.

Thank you for visiting our web site.
Timmy J. Currier, Chief of Police


About MPD


 Meet the Chief

Chief Tim Currier began his career with the department on February 29, 1988 as a Patrol Officer.  In June of 1992 he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant.  On September 7, 1993 he was appointed as Police Chief and has served in that capacity since. 

Chief Currier is a lifelong resident of Massena graduating from Massena Central High School in 1984.  He has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Mater Dei College and is a graduate of Session One of the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services Law Enforcement Executive Institute.  Chief Currier lives in Massena with his wife Emily (Talarico) and their son Nathaniel.

Chief Currier is an active member of the Massena community, serving in various capacities in many organizations including the Massena Basketball Association, BPOE Elks # 1702, the Massena Central Schools Safe and Drug Free Advisory Council, the Massena Central Safety Team and Massena TRIAD.

The Chief is an active member of:

The International Association of Chief’s of Police
The New York State Associations of Chief’s of Police
The North Eastern Chief of Police Conference
The St. Lawrence County Police Chief’s Association
Fight Crime Invest in Kids [www.fightcrime.org/ny]



Chief of Police  
Civilian Dispatchers
Patrol Sergeants  
School Crossing Guards
Police Matron
Patrol Officers  
Clerk / Secretary

Position Name Email

Timmy J. Currier

Senior Sergeant Douglas E. Kassian dkassian@police.massena.ny.us
Sergeant Anthony M. Fiacco afiacco@police.massena.ny.us
Sergeant Dion M. Durant ddurant@police.massena.ny.us
Sergeant Kenneth W. LaBarge kwlabarge@police.massena.ny.us
Investigator  Joseph W. Brown jbrown@police.massena.ny.us
Investigator  Jason M. Olson jolson@police.massena.ny.us
Senior Patrol Officer Ted J. McGown tmcgown@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Patrick J. Serguson pserguson@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Scott F. Rogers srogers@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer William J. LaShomb wlashomb@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Edward E J Clary eclary@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer John M. Holmes jholmes@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Michael J. O'Donnell modonnell@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Mark W. Englert menglert@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Christopher D. Flynn cflynn@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Adam J. Love alove@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Travis P. MacDonald tmacdonald@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Jennifer L. Fefee jfefee@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Brian J. LaBarge blabarge@police.massena.ny.us
Patrol Officer Michael A. Flynn mflynn@police.massena.ny.us
Clerk Melissa Dishaw mhall@police.massena.ny.us
Dispatcher Cynthia M. Bain cbain@police.massena.ny.us
Dispatcher Patti L. Shirley pshirley@police.massena.ny.us
Dispatcher Cynthia L. Brock




In addition to their regular duties, we have employees who have been trained in specialized services to enable the department to achieve its mission.

  • Drug Enforcement
  • Evidence Technicians
  • Certified D.A.R.E.
  • Bicycle Patrols
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspector
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Officer
  • 2 Canine Teams


In 1994 the police department began a join venture with the Massena Central School District to provide the nationally recognized D.A.R.E. Program to 5th grade students. 

Officer Christopher D. Flynn is the department current D.A.R.E. Officer.  He has served in the position since 2002.  Officer Flynn instructs at all three elementary schools for the public school system of Massena Central and the Trinity Catholic School.  Officer Patrick J. Serguson served as the department’s DARE officer from 1994 to 2007. 

D.A.R.E. is a cooperative program between the schools, police and students to help students make better decisions and to keep kids off drugs.  DARE is an interactive class where students are engaged in problem solving, in depth discussions and role playing. 

The goal of the DARE program is to significantly reduce/eliminate the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and the use of violent behavior by our kids. 

Students will understand the physical, social and legal risks and effects of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and inhalants on their developing brains and bodies.  Students will compare and contrast the normative beliefs of peers in their classroom with the national data about teen use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Students will expand their knowledge about a variety of positive things to do in the school and in the community that does not involve the use of drugs.  Students will develop tools and strategies to use in real life situations when faced with the pressures in today’s society.


The department sponsors a program known as “Vacant House Check” – citizens inform the police before they leave their homes for vacation or extended absences, and officers keep an watchful eye on their property.


The department’s Investigative Unit maintains a “Drug Tip Line” – citizens can call and leave information about illegal drug use for the department.That number is:(315) 764-5508.


The department has a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Child Passenger Technician. Officer John Holmes can educate citizens in the proper installation of child car safety seats.


The Massena Police Department in cooperation with the Massena Senior Citizens Center and the Massena Independent Living Center is sponsoring “Cell Phones for Safety,” a program designed to provide a cellular telephone to people to be used for emergency 911 calls.

A disconnected cellular phone may still be used to call Emergency 911, provided that it is charged.This service is valuable to people that are traveling in vehicles, or those who spend time away from a phone.We are asking people to donate their old, or discarded cellular phones to the Massena Police Department.We ask that the phone be in working condition and have the appropriate charging equipment.The Massena Senior Citizens and Massena Independent Living Center will distribute them to those in need.Primarily, we will give preference to elderly people or disabled people.

Those interested in donating cellular phones can drop the phones off to the Massena Police Department.People interested in receiving a phone may contact the Massena Senior Citizens Center at 769-7810 or Massena Independent Living Center at 764-9442.


"Are You Okay" is a free daily phone call service provided to seniors, disabled persons, and people that are shut in.The “Are You OK? Call is made at a pre-selected time which provides a daily check on a person.To apply call the Office for the Aging at 386-4730.


If you know someone involved in a crime, or can provide police with information about a crime, call the Seaway Valley Crime Stoppers 1-800-265-TIPS (1-800-265-8477). You will not have to reveal your identity and you could earn a cash reward.


The Village of Massena shall recruit, select, advance and retain qualified employees on the basis of their ability, knowledge, and skills in accordance with the New York State Civil Service Law. Employment inquires can be made to the Office of the Chief of Police.

Click Here for Complete Employment Information



As part of our commitment to keep your teenagers safe, the Massena Police Department will conduct drive-by home checks while parents are out of town. All you need to do is complete a “Teen Safety Home Check” form.  You can download one HERE, or the form is available at the police station.

Once a completed form is received, you will be provided with a flyer that you can post in your home letting your teenager known that the police will be checking the home.

The parents would leave a phone number they can be reached at.  The police would contact the parents if they drove by and noticed suspicious activity. The parents would then either decide to handle the situation when they got home or ask the officer to intervene.


NOTE:  Because it is always difficult to predict the amount of work this agency might experience at any given time, we can not guarantee this service.  We will do our very best to provide it based upon available manpower.

Download and print the Teen Safety Home Check form here



 Annual Report (Click on Year)

2000    2001    2002    2003    2004    2005    2006    2007

 (in PDF format - Get Adobe Reader Here)get Adobe Reader


Phone Book

Organization Phone Number
Alcohol & Substance Abuse 265-6193
Attorney General / Watertown 785-2422
Better Business Bureau / Syracuse 479-6635
CAVA Rape Crisis Center 386-3777
Child Abuse Hotline 800-342-3720
Conflict Resolution 393-7079
Court 769-5431
Crime Stoppers 800-265-8477
Dept. of Public Works 769-6823
District Attorney 379-2225
Domestic Violence 800-942-6906
Hope Line 888-853-9995
Massena Memorial Hospital 764-1711
Office of Mental Health 265-6190
NY State Job Service 769-3596
NY State Police 769-3503
Probation Department 379-2230
Reachout 265-2422
Renewal House 379-9845
Runaway Switchboard (national) 800-621-4000
Sex Offender Registry 900-288-3838
St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Dept. 379-2222
Village Clerk 769-8625


 Crime Prevention

Click Here for the National Crime Prevention Council

What to do when you believe you’re the victim of identity theft (click here)


Current Budget & Operating Expenses:

The department operating budget for 2006-2007 was $ 1,659,599.89

$ 1,455,217.49 is allocated for Personnel Services
$ 101,982.24 is allocated for Contractual Purchases
$ 101,900.16 is allocated for Equipment.


Disaster Preparedness

What would you do if a major fire, flood, earthquake, or toxic spill occurred near where you live or work?Although we can’t always prevent disaster, we can be prepared.Learn how to better protect yourself, your family and your property in a disaster.

Red Cross (Click Here)



Traffic Regulations: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
MOPEDS (Limited Use Motorcycles):


Fingerprinting Information

Many employers now require people to be fingerprinted as part of a background investigation prior to beginning employment. The department will fingerprint anyone that resides in the Village of Massena or the Town of Massena at no charge. Those wishing to be fingerprinted will be required to present a photo-identification. An appointment is not required, but it is recommended to prevent long delays. We will direct those living outside the Village or Town of Massena to another agency.


Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security (Click Here)


Neighborhood Watch
Visit the Massena Neighborhood Watch webpage for valuable information and learn how you can get involved in this "neighbor helping neighbor" community program.


Online Safety Tips

MySpace Safety Tips (Click Here)

Net Smartz (Click Here)


TRIAD is a joint approach to crime issues which effect older citizens and the enhanced delivery of law enforcement services to these mature persons.

CLICK HERE for more information


Crime Alerts
Any Current Crime Alerts will be posted here

Crime Statistics
Click Here for Crime Data in all NYS Counties

Megan's Law
To learn more about Megan's Law, Click Here

Press Releases

Registered Sex Offenders:
In St. Lawrence County: (click here)
In New York State: (click here)

Massena's Level 3 Sex Offenders:

Anagnos, James A **Click Here**

Frego, Paul A **Click Here**

Gautheir, Jerry M **Click Here**

Herne, Marlene M **Click Here**

Jacobs, Scott M **Click Here**

Monroe, Carl E **Click Here**

Remington, Edward S **Click Here**

Sharlow, Richard L. **Click Here**

Terrance, Michael A. **Click Here**

Village Codes:
Click here for a link to the Massena Village Code Book
Click here for the Village Code Officer page


How Do I...

 Report a Crime ?

The department’s Investigative Unit maintains a “Drug Tip Line” – citizens can call and leave information about illegal drug use for the department.That number is:(315) 764-5508.

Complaints can be filed in person at the Police Station or called in by phone at 769-3577 or in an emergency dial 911.


Obtain a police report or record?

All request for official records from the Massena Police Department should be directed to the Office of the Chief of Police. Request should be made in writing by completing the records request form and directed to Melissa J. Dishaw, Police Department Records Clerk, Town Hall Building, 60 Main Street, Massena, New York 13662. Some fees may apply. Inquires can be made to the Records Clerk at 315-769-3577.

Click here for the Records Request Form


Claim property being held?

How to Reclaim or Check Property or Evidence Held by Police:

Property recovered by police officers or citizens and evidence held by the police are stored in the department property/evidence rooms.The Property and Evidence Unit's main objective is to maintain and insure the integrity of those items needed as evidence for the judicial process. It is also our desire to securely store all items and reunite owners with the property that is rightfully theirs.

Found Property is held pursuant to Sections 251-258 of the Personal Property Law.

Under $ 100 is held 3 months
$ 100.00 - $ 499.99 is held for 6 months
$ 500.00 – $ 4,999.99 is held for 1 year
$ 5,000.00 or more is held for 3 years

Inquiries into property or evidence can be made by contacting the department by phone or in person.


Complain about or commend an officer?

Make a complaint about an officer (click here)

Commend an officer (click here)


Pay a parking ticket fine?

The Police Department Clerk maintains the Village of Massena Traffic Bureau. Fines for parking violation summonses can be paid 24 hours a day at the police station, or mailed to the Traffic Bureau at 60 Main Street, Town Hall Building, Massena, New York 13662. A check or exact amount of cash is required (do not send cash through the mail).

Need to get a handicapped parking permit?

The Police Department Clerk issues New York State Handicapped Parking Permits to qualified residents of the Village and Town of Massena. You can pick up applications at the police station or download off line at: NYDMV http://www.nydmv.state.ny.us/forms.htm.Bring the completed application to the police department during normal business hours and the clerk will issue a permit.

Get fingerprinted for an application?

any employers now require people to be fingerprinted as part of a background investigation prior to beginning employment. The department will fingerprint anyone that resides in the Village of Massena or the Town of Massena at no charge. Those wishing to be fingerprinted will be required to present a photo-identification. An appointment is not required, but it is recommended to prevent long delays. We will direct those living outside the Village or Town of Massena to another agency.

Make an animal complaint ?

The Massena Humane Society handles animal complaints for the Village and Town of Massena. Call 764-1330. This includes domestic animals and wildlife. If an emergency exist call 911. In cases of animal cruelty or dangerous dogs call Police at 769-3577.

Get a guest speaker from the department ?

Does your group or organization need a speaker or are you looking for some law enforcement information? The department has many trained and certified instructors with special knowledge about many different law enforcement topics. Contact the Chief of Police to inquire and schedule a speaker for your group or organization.

Get a copy of my criminal history?

The police department can provide you with your criminal history information for charges which this department arrested you for only.NOTE:we can not provide you with a record from another police agency.This can be done by requesting the records by completing the department form which is located under “obtaining a police report or record” on this site.You will be required to show proper identification to obtain the information.

For a criminal history check which includes all of your arrest (including other police agencies) or to indicate that you have no criminal history anywhere, you must make this request to the Department of Criminal Justice Service in Albany.

This is done by requesting a Record Review Packet.For specifics on making this request go to:http://www.criminaljustice.state.ny.us/ojis/recordreview.htm


Massena Police Department - Town Hall, 60 Main Street - Massena, NY 13662 - 315.769.3577 - police@massenaworks.com

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