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Village of Massena Clerk's Office
Patricia M. Dumas, Village Clerk
Melissa Ward, Deputy Village Clerk

Our office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

*** For all emergencies CALL 911 for immediate help ***

Contact Information

Village Code Book

Village Zoning Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Office of the Village Clerk
phone 315-769-8625
fax 315-769-0257
email villageclerk@massenaworks.com
address Town Hall Building, 60 Main Street, Room 12, Massena, New York 13662

Village Code Book

The entire Code for the Village of Massena can be found on this website.


Village Zoning Map

To determine which zone a property within the village is located in, you can view a PDF version of our current Village Zoning Map.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE here to view PDF documents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Community Events

Reserving the Gazebo at the Veterans Memorial Park

Obtaining copies of birt/death certificates

Marriage, hunting or dog licenses

Conducting raffles in the Village


Notary Public

Obtaining copies of property tax payments

Adding an item to the Village Board Meeting agenda

Obtaining copies of Village Board Meeting Agenda and/or Related Documents

1. Where can I obtain information concerning upcoming community events planned for Massena and the surrounding area?
View our community calendar of events or contact the Chamber of Commerce.

2. How can I reserve the Gazebo at the Veteran's Memorial Park on Andrews Street for my Wedding?
Once your wedding date and time are finalized, contact the Village Clerk's Office at 315-769-8625 or by email. Reservations are made on a first-come first-serve basis. You will need to provide the following information upon making the reservation:

  • Date and Time of Wedding Ceremony
  • Time Period to be Reserved
  • Name of Bride and Groom
  • Telephone Contact Name and Number
  • Name of Clergy or Justice Performing the Ceremony

A listing of rules for use of the Veterans' Park Gazebo and surrounding grounds will be provided to you by the Village Clerk at the time a reservation is made.

3. How do I Reserve a room at the Massena Community Center?

The Massena Community Center, located at 61 Beach Street in Massena, has two rooms available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.  The small meeting room has a capacity of 30 people.  The large community room has a capacity of 265 people.

Anyone interested in reserving a room is asked to call the Village Clerk’s office at 315-769-8625.

4. How may I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate?
The Town Clerk is the Registrar of Vital Statistics for both the Village and Town of Massena. Contact 315-769-5228 or visit the Town Clerk's Office in the Town Hall Building, 60 Main Street, for details. When entering the building, the Town Clerk's Office is the first office on the left.

5. How may I obtain a marriage, hunting, or dog license?
Licenses are issued in the Town Clerk's Office. Contact 315-769-5228 or visit the Town Clerk's Office in the Town Hall Building, 60 Main Street, for details. When entering the building, the Town Clerk's Office is the first office on the left. Information concerning hunter safety courses is also available through that office.

6. My organization would like to conduct a Raffle. Are there licensing requirements to conduct a raffle in the Village of Massena?
Effective April 1996 the conduct of Raffles has been regulated by the NYS Racing and Wagering Board. Only authorized organizations who have applied for and been issued an Identification Number from the NYS Racing and Wagering Board are legally allowed to conduct raffles. To obtain an application for an Identification Number, contact the NYS Racing & Wagering Board at 515-453-89460 or download the form directly from their website. Once an Identification Number is issued, contact the Village Clerk at 315-769-8625 to obtain the appropriate form(s) which you will be required to file within the municipality prior to the raffle. The good news -- NYS Racing and Wagering Board Identification Numbers are usually issued within 72 hours of receipt of the Application.

7. I am unable to attend my scheduled court date in the Town Hall Building. What do I need to do?
You must contact the Village Justice Office (315-769-5431) concerning all questions related to court dates and times.

8. Is there a notary public in the Town Hall Building who can notorize papers?
The Town Clerk's Office provides this public service at no charge. Contact (315-769-5228) or visit the Town Clerk's Office in the Town Hall Building, 60 Main Street, for details. When entering the building, the Town Clerk's Office is the first office on the left.

9. How can I obtain copies of my property tax payments?
Village Tax Receipts can be obtained from the Village Tax Office by contacting 315-769-7052. Town/County and School Tax Receipts can be obtained from the Town Tax Office by contacting 315-769-7109.

10. How can I add an item to the agenda for discussion at the next Village Board Meeting?
A "Public Comment Period" is a standard item on every regularly-scheduled Village Board Meeting agenda. This provides the public with the opportunity to address the Board at the beginning of the meeting. Residents are encouraged to attend Village Board Meetings and provide input on current issues as well as address the Board on new issues during this public comment period.

In accordance with the "Rules of Procedures for Village Board of Trustees Meetings" (adopted 02/16/99), only the Village Board (Mayor and four Trustees) may add an item to the agenda. If you wish, you may discuss the issue with any Board Member (Mayor or Trustees) prior to the meeting and request they authorize adding the item to the official agenda.

11. How may I get a copy of a Village Board meeting agenda and/or documents related to agenda items? Copies will be provided to the public prior to the meeting, to the extent practicable, upon request to the Village Clerk who can be reached by telephone (315/769-8625 Extension 232) or by e-mail (villageclerk@village.massena.ny.us). Charges consistent with current Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) may apply.

Office of the Village Clerk - Town Hall, 60 Main Street - Massena, NY 13662 - 315.769.8625 - villageclerk@massenaworks.com

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